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speed is primarily defined as rate of motion. distance divided by time. western philosophy instills a notion where thrift and quickness are virtues worthy of exaltation. i’d love to see this trend reversed. the buddha tells a story in which human thought is the fastest traveler known, faster than the speed of light. the mind can instantly go to distant planets, to the future, to the past, and back home; in nanosecond. serious speed. yet this speed distracts the mind and thus the body from the present, the task at hand. our nature. the moment.


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see two points, whether in time or space(on paper or not), relating to one another via a line connecting them. name one point ‘beginning’, and the other, ‘end’. each day when we awake, are we at a new beginning, or on this line somewhere, already. are there truly many beginnings, or just the one? the big one. are the beginnings we perceive each day merely points already set upon ‘the line? the path.

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If you haven’t noticed yet, I tend to dig anything on the internets that is even remotely artful or musical.  User interaction scores even greater points.  So while I rest my hands of my carpal tunnel pains, I offer you this attractive app to play with.  Slide controls in the top left allow you to  create what may resemble a newly discovered nebulous, a close-up of the sun, or the earth’s core.  From digital impressionism to cosmic abstract expressionism, this one stands on it own legs.  Start up your favourite dissonant noise track and commence lift off.

Link (via Neatorama)

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