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watch them hustle

recall the story of the two gamblers
each with a problem in their own right.
one gambler paid the price of life,
yet was physically unharmed; exalted by the masses.
the other sits in a chair, in a store,
scolded and scorned by the establishment.
recall the story of two gamblers,
one given a leave and a second chance,
the other sits in a chair,  in a store.


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Time to crank this place back up.

It has been a good 10 months of no love for all things OS, still, I have been busy.

To warm the space a bit, let we attest once again in my life – I am in love with Minigolf, or Putt-Putt.

My son recently watched the Masters off and on, and then some other tourney when his grandpa was in town, so to leave a Chiropractic appointment and surprise his 3 yr old mind with the joys of putt putt, well, see for yourself.


He found a happy place, and our whole family just smiled away into the night.


More on the Chiro soon.

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i copied this over from the Harrison Hudson Caring Bridges site because it just needs to be in other places, and I want to share it myself. Hope you are all well.



And funnier one day later…..

Today I woke up like nothing had happened.  Like I could breath again!  So crazy.  So my newest question is, “Will I feel that way every year?  Will there be an intense heaviness that suffocates me for 2 days every year?”  Only time will answer that so I’m not going to dwell on it.

It was really interesting though, the way I felt.  I went about life, my duties, my responsibilites but throughout my whole body it took everything I had not to completely crumble.  I haven’t had that feeling since the week that Harrison died.  It’s good to know I don’t feel like that all the time, thank goodness!!!!

As for the celebration itself, it was nice.  Jess bought me sunflowers the day before to brighten my day and then two dear dear friends, Amy and Wendy, both had bouquets delivered to the house.  It was such a beautiful surprise to receive flowers, I hadn’t even thought about it!  I took a few flowers from each of the 3 bouquets and made Harrison a bouquet.  Matt and I went to his “wall” to “visit” him.  We sat in complete silence for about 45 minutes.  I have no idea what Matt was thinking.  I laid on the cool ground, felt the beautiful breeze and just cried.  Cried because I am so tired.  I am so so so tired!  This has been the longest year EVER!

We swung by Home Depot on the way home and picked out a lemon tree.  We went home and had a food fest with the family (hoooray Jess and Zachary were still here and Steph and Michael waited to leave for their honeymoon until after), the Sm**** (Curtis’ mom too), the Ti*****’s (Tanil’s mom too) and my cousin Michelle, Max and Josh.  Our sweet neighbor Rachel came over too.

After dinner we had our “tree dedication ceremony.”  I hope this isn’t too much information because I am going to share it because it is really beautiful and special…..we have had Maxwell’s foreskin in the freezer for almost 4 years now.  The Mohel that performed Maxwell’s circ told us you plant the skin under a fruit tree so the child grows with the tree.  Beautiful, right!?!?  Yes, if you actually plant it.  We never knew if we should do it at the house as Matt always said we would move one day.,….blah blah blah.  So, it stayed wrapped up in our freezer and remained there even while Michael and Steph have lived there.  Michael even made a joke this weekend about putting their wedding cake in the freezer with the foreskin…hahahhaha

Anyway, back to the story.  So 11 months after Maxwell was born our nearest and dearest Tosh Ti***** was born.  Well, we decided since we were neighbors the boys skin (Trey and Tanil forgive me for sharing all of this) would be planted in fruit trees side by side.  Well, a year later they still were in our freezers and we left for Texas.  So, basically none of us have known what to do and we have been in a stand still with foreskin in our freezers (I’m cracking up right now, please don’t think we are disgusting!)

Last night, we finally had our amazing special and perfect reason to plant both Maxwell and Tosh’s skin with Harrison’s hair under the tree.  We all helped, including the kids, push the soil back around the tree.  A few candles were burning around the tree as we did this and pulled chairs up like a bonefire.  It was beautiful.  I have a photo to post, but I’m typing on my parents computer so I will have to post it from home later.  Bottom line, it was really special and the little tree is so beautiful.

Thank you to all for the amazing and undying support the last year.  I mean it when I say we wouldn’t be who we are without the love and support we are constantly surrounded by.  The messages, the emails, the flowers, the voicemails all carried me through the day yesterday.  Even if we didn’t get to talk.  Lynday and Sarah Bess, both of your messages were so heartfelt and beautiful, I will cherish them forever.

So now we move into phase 2…..get through the death date and then we have officially made it through all of our firsts in this journey.  I’m glad, as I said before, that Steph and Michael’s wedding carried us through the week leading up to Harrison’s birthday.  I’m glad that Jessica and Zachary’s wedding will be our “look forward to” after Harrison’s death date.

Thanks for staying by our sides, please don’t go away!

Huge love and gratitude!


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thank you 002

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File this one in the “or so” time period. I guess it has been near two weeks. Like anyone cares, and/or reads this.

1. Studies are the new sexy/cool. Get you some ARE prep and watch the love/energy spread. I think i am already out of my mind.

2. I have both my MAC’s up to date with Snow Leopard finally, in anticipation of the Lion release. SL has allowed my machine to run much more smoothly than before, and the behind the scene integration was amazing. I did loose my Air Tunes, and think I will wait till Lion comes in to set that up again.

3. TBone is off the last of his meds from the Asthma scare, and now moving into a nice regiment of herbs and supplements, on rec from the DR. We love our pediatrician, holistic beyond the word itself.

4. T is also about 2 weeks into underwear on the potty training “train”. He’s done pretty well, just doesn’t want to vocalize when he needs to go. So we have to be o nthe stick. Fun and annoying, yet he did drop a deuce yesterday morning. He said he laid some “snakes” into the toilet. Good job man, here is another M&M. I’m proud of ya.

5. Made my bi weekely hummus batch. I couldnt live without it.

6. Skeeter is still high on Bikram Yoga. She missed a week, seemed a little bummed, and is going back in full bore tonight. Nice work baby.

7. I’m still doing well with the coffee. Vitamin B12 helps. What I miss most is the taste to be quite honest. Before someone says it, I’m not going decaf.

8. The Strikers have been up and down last two weeks, were high and mighty early on and looking like shit the last two games. This past Saturday against the worst team in the league, a grip of the guys seemed like they were hungover from a night out on Las Olas. No hustle and no will. TBone had fun, and that is the main reason we go to games. So a loss sometimes is a win. He sang “Not Fade Away” on the car ride home. Bop Bop Bop – Bop Bop.

9. I didnt win the lotto again this week. That story needs a new chapter like stat.

10. I bought a new mouse for the work computer. The old one had orange, green, and black mold holding down standing reservations for a while now. How did I not notice this.

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Started up round two of my studies for the ARE(Architect Registration Examination) last night. Met up with @cthomasgc in Jupiter, grabbed some Greek food, and proceeded to eat and flash card it for the next 4 hours.

I made it half way through ARE 3.1 before they put the knife to that test. The newly reconstructed 4.0, now a year or so old, is a fresh start for me. I had not any of the “proper” combinations of prior testing to gain credit for the current scheme of thing. I’ll save all my rants for an appropriate time. Why spoil a good start?

It was a great study session and between the two of us, great focus was achieved. We didnt get very far, but retention level seemed elevated. This thing is a drag, I won’t lie, in that it takes a while to study for and take. It also drags your wallet around in the gutter a bit. So be it.

The stockpile of study material we have from 3.1 to 4.0 looks to serve us well, and co-studying allows for discussion and reference pulls without much lag, or down time.

Anything is Possible.

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