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quick post.

stopped into smashburger in boynton tonight for a, uh, burger. they have chicken and shakes and some other things.

i protest all things peanut, so hitting up five guys is out of the question. hate is a word which is available for substitution.

they let you make your own burger at smash, or u can get a signature. we decided to split the avocado club, and a thing of sweet potato fries.

the burger had flavour, and taste. yet it also had some serious grease. holy cow.

the fries were pretty tasty enough. not soggy in the least.

the staff, friendly enough, yet the manager came off as a slob; and though he didnt condescend me when asked about the oil they fry in, he wasnt friendly, nor outgoing.

tuck your shirt in.

will i go back. sure, in a pinch(i do about 4 burgers a year). i dont do the big box fast food, and obviously not peanut hell guys, so, we will see.

thankful mostly that boynton is growing.


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