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i’ve been without coffee for 7 days now.

i’m proud of myself. i was near 4-5 cups a day with up to 3 espresso thrown in.

ive been drinking some seriously heddy green tea from china and Taiwan.

great leaves which are getting 4-5 brewings per run.

also been off the beer for a week. had a few sips sunday with the wife, but otherwise doing well.

trying to track down my heartburn issues.

couldnt be the beans and lentils could it? 🙂


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Once again, balance, but of a different sort. And a dive into uncharted territories.

1. Still feeling damn good about the lack of coffee in my diet. Had a few cups, and am fine with it.  3 in 3.5 weeks keeps me motivated.

2. My buddy Blake and I had been discussing trying to play some tunes together.  We each play guitar a little bit. Why do so many people just do the guitar. I’m getting a bass. So, we hooked up at my crib while TnT were out of town. Things went pretty well. Worked on, but never solidified; “The Weight”, “Farmhouse>NoWomanNoCry>Farmhouse”, “Little Sadie” and “Isis”. Those were the only things we actually got to sounding like songs. Big fun, and we are one again tonight. Drummer included. *fingers crossed* for just a little magic. One song.

3. One step closer to getting back into taking the ARE. Whether you know it or not, I love the nature of design and more so, the client interaction side of Architecture, which is were i spend a lot of time. I just cannot stand the “profession” and feel like it continues to sell itself short, not protected itself, and is really an abomination of what it should and used to be. I am constantly amazed at the number of clients who fail to find the value associated with the fees they pay. Maybe more on this later. I plan to blog about the studies as well. Look out ARE.

4. Missed only my second home game of the Ft. Lauderdale Strikers this past Saturday. We had a  pool partythat lasted longer that we thought, so we chilled at home, got the boy down early after no nap, and kicked back with the Gold Cup final. Good God, did Bornstein get exposed. Why Bradley switched Lichaj to the other side is beyond me. Take way though from the series, Freddie Adu is back and here to stay.  WOOT! WOOT!

5. Oh yeah, and my SIWBM continues on.  That is ‘Self imposed Wine Buying Moratorium” for the newbs. It is needed. We have a jack load of bills from little man’s emergency room visit a few weeks ago. Looking for a sponsor if you know any.

Get out and do good things.

That is all.  Cheers!

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