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speed is primarily defined as rate of motion. distance divided by time. western philosophy instills a notion where thrift and quickness are virtues worthy of exaltation. i’d love to see this trend reversed. the buddha tells a story in which human thought is the fastest traveler known, faster than the speed of light. the mind can instantly go to distant planets, to the future, to the past, and back home; in nanosecond. serious speed. yet this speed distracts the mind and thus the body from the present, the task at hand. our nature. the moment.


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random bubble moment from you tube


My son loves bubbles, and really, who doesn’t.   Sometimes though I think we fail to see the lessons inherent in the bubble, or the lack thereof a bubble.  The bubble relies a few things to exist and then quite another to POP.  It is interconnected to more than itself.  It is not an independent entity.  Arguably nothing is.  There is the lesson.   Impermanence.  And connectiveness.

How many times have you walked/driven to a destination, only to get there and not recall the journey.  Where were you, in a dream?  If you actually didn’t make the journey, yet arrived, I think the mind fuck itself would be enough to not allow you mindfulness.   But just like a dream from a nightly sleep, you get up and continue on.  For me, the space in between is like the bubble.  Again, impermanence and the lesson of the interconnected.  The dream ends.  Wake begins.

The bubble POPS!  The rain on the street dries.  The night turns to day.  Clouds in the sky.  There is no self.

Hell, I’m 36 and continue to work on these things.  We all do, right? To think my 2 yr old son gets it when he looks at the last stages of a bubble is some deep stuff.

Ending suffering is thick business.


So this perpetual goal of being mindful to everything and everyone, it all, is back in the forefront.  Amazing how it always requires events/interactions to “snap back to reality“(I use reality very loosely here).  In doing so, maybe I can ease not only my suffering, but the suffering of others.  Work to do.

10000 Joys, 10000 Sorrows

Man, I love me some tofu salad.


the path is no path at all.  it is a circle going right back to the beginning, back to our hearts. – JK


Ain’t much changed around here since the beginning of time
People born, people live, people kill, people dying
In a vague memory of the time I was born
Flash of light, thunder rolled, now I’m here, now I’m gone

-jj grey

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