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i’ve been without coffee for 7 days now.

i’m proud of myself. i was near 4-5 cups a day with up to 3 espresso thrown in.

ive been drinking some seriously heddy green tea from china and Taiwan.

great leaves which are getting 4-5 brewings per run.

also been off the beer for a week. had a few sips sunday with the wife, but otherwise doing well.

trying to track down my heartburn issues.

couldnt be the beans and lentils could it? ūüôā


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jj & daryl – circa fall 2003 – bamboo room

“So good to be home”

On most grand occasions there are expectations, but through the years I have learned to at least try and approach all situations with little to none. ¬†Though hard, it makes the small stuff better and the beyond stuff out of this world. ¬†Riding in the same car with expectations are memories. ¬†Memories keep us alive. ¬†Making memories is the breath of life. ¬†When I walked up the steps last night at the Bamboo Room in Lake Worth, Florida I felt like I was returning to see an old friend, and in many ways I was. ¬†I was seeing Craig, who has worked the window since I can recall; ¬†JJ Grey, who i first saw at the Bamboo Room almost 10 years ago; Tanil, Stan, Schnee, Troy, EZ, Wendy, Matty B, Ally,¬† Liz, Dave, Brett, and Roland, among nameless other faces I have shared the space with over the years. ¬†Newcomers, Adriana, Erica, Jen, Blake, Smoky and more. ¬†Rye Whisky and Kalik beer – Bamboo Room staples. ¬†Great music, and it’s counterpoint – excessive talking. ¬†On a night where the music was great and space was alive, the only expectation I schlepped to Lake Worth was knowing the extra 50+ people they are putting in the space would be bad for chatter. ¬†And seeing as we were all there in that familiar place once again, we all talked, and at times drowned out the music. ¬†A solo guitar and vocal can only take so much. ¬†But so be it. ¬†We live. ¬†I sang last night. ¬†I danced last night. ¬†I smiled last night. ¬†I was grumpy last night. ¬†I cried last night, and I laughed my face off last night. ¬†It was a damn fine night. ¬†Good and bad. ¬†It takes it all. ¬†Let’s do it again. ¬†So good to be home.

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i guess i should review this beer.  the yungin is wakin up, so here goes.  dada fun in the works.

great belgian color and aroma pushin out of the glass.  upon closer sniff i wanna beleive this beer will be farmhouse like.  doubtful.

yep.  so, while not farmhouse,  it is balanced and sweet and acidic, and has a certain orange presence to it, maybe like yer eatin the flowers.

lil sofla fish dip here.  hang on.

the beer is alright with the fish dip, not enough acid to rip it off the palete, but that’s okay.

i think i like this stone as just a drinkin beer.

much better than a lot of thier other efforts, for my taste.


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Goodbye brewsky

There are open meetings and closed meetings. At the beginning I thought I needed to stick to the open meetings, but realized I could attend both. The closed meetings are geared towards the alcoholic desiring treatment and is not a place for guests of the alcoholic.

I went to my first closed meeting tonight. It was a BIG book meeting. It was geared toward step 4 and 5.

4- made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves. (I’ll refer to this one as the “oh shit” step)

5-admitted to god, ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs

I haven’t heard anyone talk about their details, but we did listen to a segment of a standup speaker at an AA seminar of some sort. The speaker is telling of a hypothetical situation of a guy who is ready to accomplish step 5. He could be ready to talk about:
– his embarrassment because he slept with someone he wouldn’t be seen at lunch with
– or someone of the opposite sex
– or of another species (yea, I thought goats)

So, 4-5 seem to be deal breakers. It sounds like alot of peeps make 1-3, but cut out at 4.

Sat next to a guy tonight that made me feel I was at a baseball game. He making these catcher like signals. I looked around the room to see who he wad signaling, and noone was watching him (except me). Then I thought he was practicing sign language, but no, I don’t think so.

Peace out

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I was given this Cigar City Guava Grove as a birthday gift and it has laid in my cellar for the last 3 weeks.  After a full day with the youngin Рsoccer camp in the AM and a late night Miami FC match РI decided to crack this one open.  It was ten pm, the Vols were getting killed, my wife was headed home soon, and the replay of the Barca match was about to come on.  Damn that Pique collision was nasty.

The initial appearance of this beer is very farmhouse-y, with a little Italian frizzante.  Not nearly enough carbonation to give it any champagne characteristics.  Seriously low on overall carb, but the slight frizzante bubbles were a trip to watch.

The GG smells a little like honey, a little like clove, with a smidge of  papaya.  Drop some soap in there and you got a GG.  Nothing too special.

On the mouth this beer started out a little, well, blah.¬† Again, nothing too special.¬† It was disjointed and had zero balance.¬† Made me think of a geuze that just wasn’t.¬† Being a wine drinker, I immediately thought about the decanting possibilities of this beer.¬† So why not.¬† I let my over-sized wine glass of beer sit.¬† About an hour later when my wife came in, we sat and drank the rest of the bottle.¬† I forgot to take notes, but recall the conversation and drink to be of the highest order.

Maybe the beer got better with some air, or maybe, again, the point is proven that good company and good conversation(i.e. good times) can make any drink better than it actually is.

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I like good beer. ¬†Like serious beer. ¬†A Stone Imperial Russian Stout tends to do the trick. ¬†Hell, I like shitty beer too. ¬†It all has a place and time. ¬†Tecate’s while working in the yard or tailgating before the Miami Blues futball match. ¬†You know, a little of this and a little of that. ¬†All things in moderation. ¬†My taste in music tends to work like that also. ¬†Back around 1992, the Gentry brothers from Jacksonville put out a couple of albums on Sub Pop under the name Rein Sanction. ¬† It was damn good. ¬†Serious southern rock that had that cross over potential. ¬†Everyone I knew back then who heard it, dug it. ¬†The punks, the indie freaks, the surfers, the skaters and even the deadheads. ¬†To me, one of the best unknown bands of the early 90’s, just, well, stayed there. ¬†We all know the story though, right? ¬†Day jobs and giggin’¬†at night. ¬†5 hour van rides to places like Mobile and West Palm Beach, and 5 hours back home the same night in order to keep those day jobs. ¬†Rents due. ¬†Rock and roll, country music, jazz. ¬† No difference. ¬†And just like them beers i so often enjoy, the bands whom crisscross this fine land may just as well be lite, strong, dense, dark, wild, or heavy. ¬†Hell, maybe even unforgiving like that Imperial Stout.

If you want one of them fine beers, you might as well head on over to the The Funky Buddha Lounge in Boca. ¬†I did on Friday night. ¬†Beers were flowing and three bands scheduled that night gave us everything they had, if only for a short while. ¬†Sosos, a local act opened up the evening. ¬†In what might be considered a one-off for them, only four of the six folks in the group jammed Friday night. ¬† ¬†At least twice I told someone I was with that this is outdoor music, to be enjoyed with bbq, and lawn chairs. ¬†I think the years of perfection poured into a quality bbq would pair well to ¬†Sosos’ honed up acoustic goodness. ¬†Much enjoyed. ¬†Next to the stage, and down from Jacksonville, were the Yankee Slickers. ¬†A band with two brothers from Jacksonville. ¬†For real, what is in the water up there. ¬†This septet of southern rockers killed it. ¬†For a while I felt like the Yankee Slickers were this musical stew of Skynyrd, the Allmans, the Ramones, Chuck Berry, Marshall Tucker and NRBQ. ¬†Just flat-out great, music, and spot on precision. ¬†I could have taken another two hours of it, but there were three bands on this bill, and not much time for them all. ¬†Along for the ride from Jax, was Daryl Hance, of MOFRO fame. ¬†This was his fifteenth stop of a short solo tour of the southeast. ¬†And it might truly be only his twentieth or so show out on his own, singing his own songs, playing lead, and just being Daryl. ¬†Joined by Shane(drums) and John(bass) from the Slickers, Daryl’s little three-piece had a grunge to it, and often sounded of a dirge. ¬†Not quite blues, not quite rock. ¬†For sure not Tom Waits or Hendrix, yet I heard it in there. ¬†More than anything, it was music with humidity, if that makes any sense. ¬† Like Junior Kimbrough humid, or RL Burnside. ¬†Just up on your shoulders, humid, pressing down. ¬†Sticky.

If you find yourself up at the Buddha, or anyplace which brings together quality music and possibly brew in South Florida, try not to be in a hurry.  Dig your heels in for a while.  Open up.  Listen.  I presume J. Mascis and Alex Chilton would have been inspired friday night at the Buddha.  As well as Cobain and Young.  it was all good ole american music.  Raw, yet extremely polished at times.  Garage and porch fried music.   Night music before the day job.


A  edited version of this review ran in the New Times Broward.  Link here.  Go leave a comment there for me.  Thanks.

Photo’s link here, courtesy of Dave Earley.

This concert brought to you via Brotherly Love Productions

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