on beginning.

see two points, whether in time or space(on paper or not), relating to one another via a line connecting them. name one point ‘beginning’, and the other, ‘end’. each day when we awake, are we at a new beginning, or on this line somewhere, already. are there truly many beginnings, or just the one? the big one. are the beginnings we perceive each day merely points already set upon ‘the line? the path.


“Where did my soul go, where did my spirit hide.”

Anyone knowing my history of shows, knows I’ve seen all the versions of JJ Grey’s, MOFRO, nearly 150 times. Wow. Doesn’t seem like a lot until you pause on it.

The latest incarnation of MOFRO has been a slow grow on me. Daryl left to do his own thing, and the hole left by that Strat Slide, set me at a loss for what I grew know as MOFRO. Only over the past 6 months have a I grown to love them again.

Thankfully, during that time, JJ decided that taking to the road as a solo act would be worth something, and man is it. Each and every time I see him solo I am transported to another time and place. Whether it be my childhood, or a favorite place my with wife, or even to memories of love or loss; my world is flipped for a few hours. Flipped by songs I’ve heard a thousand times.  See, JJ doesn’t stray too far from a core base of his greater material.

Well, on the first night of JJ’s recent two night stand at the Bamboo Room in Lake Worth, Florida, John starting, “drinking away”, and definitely “kept the wolves of his mind at bay.” The phrase, ‘pay no mind’ comes to me. The atmosphere was loose, with many diehards from across the south in attendance. Way casual, moreso than normal when he hit the stage at 920 pm.

Set 1
A Woman
Dew Drops
Country Ghetto
Hide & Seek
This River

It started like a ‘pain set’ of old MOFRO fame. It ended on an truly inspirational new tune named, “This River”. My favorite songwriters have always used geography in songs, and JJ is exception. “Dew Drops” was the stand out of the set(if not the night), bar none. A song, rarely played live, about a childhood friend who had his back once, yet who lived in a shed with his abusive drunk father; the subject of the songs sings to his late mother with a passion only a child could.  JJ took a break to tune some guitars and wound up chatting with folks for 45 minutes.

Set 2

6 Ways
Ballad Of Larry Webb
Beautiful World
Somebody Else
Bitch Slappin Gloves
Brighter Days
Seminole Wind
Tupelo Honey
Rock Me Baby
Ho Cake

When John sat down and started up 6 Ways, I felt an unusual energy permeate the room. During the break numerous Maker’s Mark’s served neat found there way to his sideboard, as did a tasty looking Rye Whiskey on the rocks. They all seemed to disappear, as did his inhibition. After those first four tunes, of which two were brand spanking new, and the others again on the rarely played list, JJ took a request. And then another. And then another. So on and on until the night was over. He turned down some request and honored others. Not all tunes were played with perfection, lest you forget about the whiskey, yet all were played with passion. Many were sung with passion, often by an audience who were witnessing the most unique MOFRO show Ive ever seen.

It was cool, like a dude sitting around a fire who knew how to play any song you throw at him. It was honest, and on that night, for a small group of MOFRO faithful, JJ took one for the team, and played songs most haven’t heard in years, or even ever, and maybe never again.

Needed to get my thoughts out, so, hope you enjoy.


Thinking about 2+2=? and an architecture as warfare. the wall the Israelis continue to build is the bellwether of modern war architecture, laid midst the millions of olive trees which once were of Palestinian farmers, lost for such. every concrete truck carries a slurry of war. settlements, bases, outpost, and “natural areas” are architecture used to facilitate war. yet nary a western soul has eyes to see this, they only see the random mortar shell from beyond, blame them, and give it back with a mass of western weaponry no peasant can match, all along, pointing fingers, “them them.” sanctions, walls, settlements, barriers. these are the modern day “first shots”.


Another year goes by.

The same rowdy crowd joins up to sell beer to the other rowdy crowd, or is it the other way. Doesn’t matter.

For those not in the know, there were two things going on here, Sunfest– the annual music and arts festival in West Palm Beach; and The Hope From Harrison Foundation – a committed group of loving people raising awareness and immediate resources for families of severely disabled infants and children.

The HfH Foundation were lucky enough to be a part of the Sunfest team for the second year. They allow us to vend/manage beer to Sunfest patrons, and in the end we walk with a generous amount of tip money, which is given over to the current family sponsored, and in need.

This year, over 70 individual people sacrificed time away from their families, in the blistering heat of West Palm Beach’s waterfront, to aide the HfH Foundation. No one complains, and almost every person wants to know what else they can do, to give more. To do more. 

Tell your version of Harrison’s story.

Tell your version of HfH Foundations story, and what it means to you.

The word spreads, the love spreads.

Be well, all.

Thank you.

Time to crank this place back up.

It has been a good 10 months of no love for all things OS, still, I have been busy.

To warm the space a bit, let we attest once again in my life – I am in love with Minigolf, or Putt-Putt.

My son recently watched the Masters off and on, and then some other tourney when his grandpa was in town, so to leave a Chiropractic appointment and surprise his 3 yr old mind with the joys of putt putt, well, see for yourself.


He found a happy place, and our whole family just smiled away into the night.


More on the Chiro soon.

i copied this over from the Harrison Hudson Caring Bridges site because it just needs to be in other places, and I want to share it myself. Hope you are all well.



And funnier one day later…..

Today I woke up like nothing had happened.  Like I could breath again!  So crazy.  So my newest question is, “Will I feel that way every year?  Will there be an intense heaviness that suffocates me for 2 days every year?”  Only time will answer that so I’m not going to dwell on it.

It was really interesting though, the way I felt.  I went about life, my duties, my responsibilites but throughout my whole body it took everything I had not to completely crumble.  I haven’t had that feeling since the week that Harrison died.  It’s good to know I don’t feel like that all the time, thank goodness!!!!

As for the celebration itself, it was nice.  Jess bought me sunflowers the day before to brighten my day and then two dear dear friends, Amy and Wendy, both had bouquets delivered to the house.  It was such a beautiful surprise to receive flowers, I hadn’t even thought about it!  I took a few flowers from each of the 3 bouquets and made Harrison a bouquet.  Matt and I went to his “wall” to “visit” him.  We sat in complete silence for about 45 minutes.  I have no idea what Matt was thinking.  I laid on the cool ground, felt the beautiful breeze and just cried.  Cried because I am so tired.  I am so so so tired!  This has been the longest year EVER!

We swung by Home Depot on the way home and picked out a lemon tree.  We went home and had a food fest with the family (hoooray Jess and Zachary were still here and Steph and Michael waited to leave for their honeymoon until after), the Sm**** (Curtis’ mom too), the Ti*****’s (Tanil’s mom too) and my cousin Michelle, Max and Josh.  Our sweet neighbor Rachel came over too.

After dinner we had our “tree dedication ceremony.”  I hope this isn’t too much information because I am going to share it because it is really beautiful and special…..we have had Maxwell’s foreskin in the freezer for almost 4 years now.  The Mohel that performed Maxwell’s circ told us you plant the skin under a fruit tree so the child grows with the tree.  Beautiful, right!?!?  Yes, if you actually plant it.  We never knew if we should do it at the house as Matt always said we would move one day.,….blah blah blah.  So, it stayed wrapped up in our freezer and remained there even while Michael and Steph have lived there.  Michael even made a joke this weekend about putting their wedding cake in the freezer with the foreskin…hahahhaha

Anyway, back to the story.  So 11 months after Maxwell was born our nearest and dearest Tosh Ti***** was born.  Well, we decided since we were neighbors the boys skin (Trey and Tanil forgive me for sharing all of this) would be planted in fruit trees side by side.  Well, a year later they still were in our freezers and we left for Texas.  So, basically none of us have known what to do and we have been in a stand still with foreskin in our freezers (I’m cracking up right now, please don’t think we are disgusting!)

Last night, we finally had our amazing special and perfect reason to plant both Maxwell and Tosh’s skin with Harrison’s hair under the tree.  We all helped, including the kids, push the soil back around the tree.  A few candles were burning around the tree as we did this and pulled chairs up like a bonefire.  It was beautiful.  I have a photo to post, but I’m typing on my parents computer so I will have to post it from home later.  Bottom line, it was really special and the little tree is so beautiful.

Thank you to all for the amazing and undying support the last year.  I mean it when I say we wouldn’t be who we are without the love and support we are constantly surrounded by.  The messages, the emails, the flowers, the voicemails all carried me through the day yesterday.  Even if we didn’t get to talk.  Lynday and Sarah Bess, both of your messages were so heartfelt and beautiful, I will cherish them forever.

So now we move into phase 2…..get through the death date and then we have officially made it through all of our firsts in this journey.  I’m glad, as I said before, that Steph and Michael’s wedding carried us through the week leading up to Harrison’s birthday.  I’m glad that Jessica and Zachary’s wedding will be our “look forward to” after Harrison’s death date.

Thanks for staying by our sides, please don’t go away!

Huge love and gratitude!


Hanging with TBone the other night we found some of my old Star Wars Figurines. They are all in various states of disrepair. Missing capes, guns, etc. Nonetheless cool to have toys he can play with that are dated 1977 and 1978. I have a few more, but they are from later runs in the 80’s. Tigger also poking his head out from behind.