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quick post.

stopped into smashburger in boynton tonight for a, uh, burger. they have chicken and shakes and some other things.

i protest all things peanut, so hitting up five guys is out of the question. hate is a word which is available for substitution.

they let you make your own burger at smash, or u can get a signature. we decided to split the avocado club, and a thing of sweet potato fries.

the burger had flavour, and taste. yet it also had some serious grease. holy cow.

the fries were pretty tasty enough. not soggy in the least.

the staff, friendly enough, yet the manager came off as a slob; and though he didnt condescend me when asked about the oil they fry in, he wasnt friendly, nor outgoing.

tuck your shirt in.

will i go back. sure, in a pinch(i do about 4 burgers a year). i dont do the big box fast food, and obviously not peanut hell guys, so, we will see.

thankful mostly that boynton is growing.


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Started up round two of my studies for the ARE(Architect Registration Examination) last night. Met up with @cthomasgc in Jupiter, grabbed some Greek food, and proceeded to eat and flash card it for the next 4 hours.

I made it half way through ARE 3.1 before they put the knife to that test. The newly reconstructed 4.0, now a year or so old, is a fresh start for me. I had not any of the “proper” combinations of prior testing to gain credit for the current scheme of thing. I’ll save all my rants for an appropriate time. Why spoil a good start?

It was a great study session and between the two of us, great focus was achieved. We didnt get very far, but retention level seemed elevated. This thing is a drag, I won’t lie, in that it takes a while to study for and take. It also drags your wallet around in the gutter a bit. So be it.

The stockpile of study material we have from 3.1 to 4.0 looks to serve us well, and co-studying allows for discussion and reference pulls without much lag, or down time.

Anything is Possible.

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Wine and Wash

Went to the neighbors house for wine tasting the other night, and only 4 of us were there.  We went fast and tore through 8 wines, all under 15 dollars.

2009 Loosen Bros.  Dr. L Riesling

2008 d’Arenberg The Stump Jump

2005 Andrew Lane Napa Merlot

2008 Banfi Centine IGT

2007 Primarius Oregon Pinot Noir

2008 Topel Orange Moscato Mendicino

2008 Pallas La Mancha Tinto

2007 Samantha Starr Chardonnay

That’s the list and how it came in for my pallet.   That Dr L is tasty.  The Samantha Starr just flat out sucked.

After the tasting we all had a killer face cleanse complete with a chemical peal and blackhead extraction.

It was some serious fun.

You should of been there.


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Side note.  If there is anyone who wants me to review a wine or a beer or even a jar of mayo.  Just let me know.  I’m down.

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Wow.  Today the coverage progressed pretty steadily surrounding the BCS National Championship Game.

Again, hat tip to Oregonlive for the live streams during press conferences.

What did we learn today?

Not new, but I learned that Oregon has a Armenian Quickie Mart owner(I kid, I kid) who is there biggest fan, and is damn funny, IMO.

Also, there is a fine, upstanding man from the Oregon fan base looking to wed and divorce within 24 hours over this game.  I recall an old southern joke about this one.  Stay classy folks.

Robert Gibbs, the President’s press secretary, is seeking permission to roll the tree on the White House lawn in Auburn wins.

Nick Fairley was fun to watch do a presser today.  It was a stream.  No link found.  He is having fun on twitter lately as well.

Oregon’s Darron Thomas was as well, but is getting some shit for talking about Nick Fairley’s playing style.

LaMichael James presser was good also, and he is getting a little shit for comparing the layoff prior to New Mexico to this one.

So just when I thought things were quiet.  Ka-Boom!

More tomorrow I gather.

Food and Drinks folks, whatchu got?


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So this BCS National Championship Game has my hands fully asweat, and were still 5 days out.  And while it is exciting for all involved, I am fairly disappointed with the quality of coverage in the lead up, save one spot of light, and that is Oregonlive.  This outfit has done a fantastic job of covering not only the Ducks program, but the Tigers as well.  Long and short stories with a legion of related links from scoured sites rounding out each post.  Bravo!

Honorable mention goes to Bleacher Report

Meanwhile the hacks at ESPN spent the first few weeks talking only about Auburn, and now only a light dusting of quality coverage of either school.  Pathetic.  I guess that is what we all thrive on nowadays- being pathetic.  Example – comments section of online zines.

So, as my lunch digests quietly in the gut, I am thinking about one thing; bias.   As I have stated before, in my home, we dont watch much tv, save an Auburn or a Vols football game, and a little soccer.  Any other programming comes via the internet.  So when I tried to think of where I see bias in reporting football, I had to step back and actually think about it.

I would love for anyone to fill me in with cited examples of bias.  Specifically, SEC of PAC-10 bias – though not required, and besides the Notre Dame love we all know about.

The one bias I recall over the last tens years that sticks out in my mind is ESPN commentators love of a mediocre Va Tech program.  I think the crew was sucking the Hokie pole prior to the Stanford beat down as well this year.

Remember now, statistics are not bias, they are facts.

Also, what is everyone planning on for drinks and eats on game night.  Please share.

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Well tonight was a real adventure. If I haven’t explained yet, I live and work in two different cities that are roughly three hours apart.

I drive, bus, train, or catch rides from family and friends as needed (no drivers license for a few months). Travel to and from work on Sundays and Fridays, respectively.

So, today was my 11th meeting. And only my second in the area that I work. I am not familiar with this area, so figure out a meeting based on the limited evening meetings and the closest proximity to my hotel and office.

I chose the meeting this evening and googles directions. Not bad, only a 20 minute drive. So I head out and after awhile down a deserted road decide to load the address in my iPhone maps. Realizing I went too far did a Uturn and headed back. The “dot” told me I should turn, but this road seemed abandoned. I continued to follow it to a little (I mean not on the map, little) town. Circled around a bit til I located a street name that was on my directions. It led me down a dirt road. Against my better judgement, I followed a passing car to ask directions. A mom, offered for me to follow her to the road was looking for. The road was only two houses long. I was confused. Two kids came out of a house, and I asked where the address was. They laughed and said I must be looking for the AA meeting. They guided me out of the neighborhood and over to the firehouse. Wow, were those directions screwed up. I felt like i was in a bad deliverance movie, like there is a good deliverance movie.

So, I get to the firehouse and quickly enter. I walk into a middle area where I find 7 guys and a girl meeting. They confirm I am at the right place. They help me find a seat, as I dint think they expecting any visitors. The locals conversation finished as everyone informally began introducing themselves. This place reminded me of this old gas station “lucas”” where my dad and his brothers used to kick back, drink beer and play pinnochle. That town couldn’t have more than 500 people in it, and I got the sense this place didn’t either. The local chatter was about finding out who broke the post office window. Apparently one the local AA guys had gotten the kid (6 yr old) who popped it with a bb gun to confess this morning. Everyone knew who had done it.

So the meeting got going just like all the others, Moment of silence, Serenity Prayer, How it Works…

One dude, I’ll call him Steve got the sharing going. He is struggling with the
fact that, if he drinks, he’s going to lose one of his limbs. No joke. I can’t recall the blood disease, but he has limited use of his limbs right now and will definitely lose one if he drinks. He has been caught up in the dilemma of choosing not drink because he will “lose a limb” versus “not wanting to”. He had to tell his best friend he can’t come over with a case of beer and hang out and drink it in front of him. It is too tempting. He doesn’t think his friend can do that. Steve’s obviously been told that thus is NOTa true friend, but a get a sense that Steve really misses his friend and isn’t sure that he wants to be without him in his life. He is struggling with this as I am not sure how many friends Steve really has. He looks pretty weathered. Damn drinking problems. I like Steve.

This group was great. There ended up only being 5 guys, 1 girl and me after the local RIF RAF (probably the mayor) split.

This was the first meeting that I shared at. Considering the limited number of people, we all HAD to talk at least 3x to make the time pass (sarcasm noted). Anyway, I explained I hadn’t fully committed to being an alcoholic or not yet. I gave them the rundown with my court order 90-90, and that I was going it as open minded as I can be. I explained I just started to read the Big Book, and will see where it takes me. Oh and I thanked them significantly for letting me share with them. I felt like they were with me, on my level, and had the time to listen, not rushed.

Another guy we’ll call him, “I’m 68 or 69, who knows”. Supposedly, he never talks. He got to telling his story, because he thought it would help if I heard it. He go to telling how when he wad 11 or 12 (who knows), he would go down to his daddies cellar and either drink some of his cider from the barrels (homemade) or from the wall of beer. He would have one or two and couldn’t make up the steps out of the cellar. He told his roofing story, where he thought he killed a dude when he threw a hammer at him and surprisingly hit him. He told of his years in the military where he would drink 2-3 cases of beer on the job and no one cared. He told of his “3 yr” AA stints that would find him back drinking. He basically said he wished he stopped sooner. He wished someone wood have MADE him stop sooner. Hhmmm.

Well, there is more to tell, but I got to go. All I can say is I’m goi h back to this group. These guys and gal are great peeps.

Peace out.
H2 keep on sucking.

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Over the past two nights we drank our only remaining bottle of this wine. On the pop and pour it was a little too full of tannins.   After a few hours, and then the next day, this wine shined.

I didn’t take any notes on this one, so just riffing from memory here.  The nose had an old world sense to it.  Mineral like, and some of that gooey re-asphalted highway stuff.   The fruit, upon drinking, was pretty darn fresh still.  Blackberry jamish, beef jerky, and more of that road stuff.  Slightly heavy on the tannins, as I said before, yet mellowed with every sip.  The California love spreading its wings with every minute of air.

We had this wine with some potato leek soup and grilled cheese sammys.  Perfect in my book.

The take away for this wine is the balance.  Extremely well balanced for my palate.

Poking around the interwebs, there seems to be a few bottles out there for sale, which is rather surprising seeing as only around 200 cases were produced.

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