watch them hustle

recall the story of the two gamblers
each with a problem in their own right.
one gambler paid the price of life,
yet was physically unharmed; exalted by the masses.
the other sits in a chair, in a store,
scolded and scorned by the establishment.
recall the story of two gamblers,
one given a leave and a second chance,
the other sits in a chair,  in a store.


i’ve been without coffee for 7 days now.

i’m proud of myself. i was near 4-5 cups a day with up to 3 espresso thrown in.

ive been drinking some seriously heddy green tea from china and Taiwan.

great leaves which are getting 4-5 brewings per run.

also been off the beer for a week. had a few sips sunday with the wife, but otherwise doing well.

trying to track down my heartburn issues.

couldnt be the beans and lentils could it? ūüôā

quick post.

stopped into smashburger in boynton tonight for a, uh, burger. they have chicken and shakes and some other things.

i protest all things peanut, so hitting up five guys is out of the question. hate is a word which is available for substitution.

they let you make your own burger at smash, or u can get a signature. we decided to split the avocado club, and a thing of sweet potato fries.

the burger had flavour, and taste. yet it also had some serious grease. holy cow.

the fries were pretty tasty enough. not soggy in the least.

the staff, friendly enough, yet the manager came off as a slob; and though he didnt condescend me when asked about the oil they fry in, he wasnt friendly, nor outgoing.

tuck your shirt in.

will i go back. sure, in a pinch(i do about 4 burgers a year). i dont do the big box fast food, and obviously not peanut hell guys, so, we will see.

thankful mostly that boynton is growing.

speed is primarily defined as rate of motion. distance divided by time. western philosophy instills a notion where thrift and quickness are virtues worthy of exaltation. i’d love to see this trend reversed. the buddha tells a story in which human thought is the fastest traveler known, faster than the speed of light. the mind can instantly go to distant planets, to the future, to the past, and back home; in nanosecond. serious speed. yet this speed distracts the mind and thus the body from the present, the task at hand. our nature. the moment.

a word i have never cozied up to, never seeming to be descriptive enough. journey here, journey there. journal, adjourn, journ. french and latin. daily, and the road. i get it. it is told siddhartha returned to his home a few years after awakening, teaching along the way. was it a journey? yes. of course. in the present sense it was more of a pilgrimage, an adventure. whether minute or all encompassing, the journey can take on many forms.

seeing that ‘caravan’ is more apropos to my ‘way’, maybe it is time for the¬†ubiquitous¬†song¬†quote.

and the caravan has all my friends, it will stay with me until the end.


we bridge via the handshake. the high five. the hug. the kiss. the eye. the nod. the point. thumb meets forefinger to form the shape of a circle. gothca. point taken. understood.

regarding path

i’ve always imagined a certain amount of commitment to life. to allowing life to unfold. this ‘line’ perhaps i speak of. we appear on it, and if we aren’t careful we may be swept right up in it. letting it lead. there’s some bilbo baggins speak in there. the taoists say the path includes the way and the force within the way. tip to taint. and all places in between. focus. no mind. no idle hands. go. be. approach both big and small with the same force. go. be.